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Sickening footage of Air BnB customer being HURLED down a flight of stairs has been leaked


There’s no greater panic than making sure you check out of your hotel on time, to avoid meeting the cleaner changing the sheets whilst you’re still in bed or finding a late check-out fee on your bank card a week later.

But for this lady, who booked her stay using the popular Airbnb app, found that checking out late here has much more severe consequences.

Speaking in an interview, Nkumbi said: “We knew that we were late and we heard a bell ring. We opened the door to this lady.

“She stated that this is not acceptable, you guys need to pack and leave now. And I was like, ‘Yes, give us a few minutes to pack,’ and I apologised profusely for us being late and we were getting ready to leave.

“And that’s when she came back a few minutes later with the husband and he was banging the door.”

The filmmaker also suggested that her host was racially motivated, claiming he said: “You need to leave now, this is not Africa.”

Commentators on social media, who saw the footage when it was first released condemned the man, but dispute the claim he is ‘racist’ for what he did.

One wrote: “Red mist does strange things to people, I’m not defending anyone here but what I generally don’t understand is the racist card finding its way into this report.