Calais migrant gangs attack truckers on daily basis

Calais migrant gangs attack truckers on daily basis

British truckers have called for increased protection in Calais following the first serious attacks by migrants since the demolition of the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp.

Since the vast shantytown was torn to the ground, and some 8,000 UK-bound asylum seekers dispersed across France.

Officially, they are all now banned from the Calais area, but a series of ‘extremely violent’ incidents on Sunday shows they are slowly returning

Pauline Bastidon, of the Freight Transport Association, said: ‘There is a need for urgent action by the French government to ensure that the area is policed adequately, and to protect drivers transporting goods, so that trade can continue to flow freely between France and the UK.’

‘As well as the road blocks, stones and pieces of wood were thrown at vehicles in an attempt to stop them, and to create tail backs which would enable them to get on to lorries.

‘Most of those involved managed to run away by the time police turned up, so we do not know their identifies or nationalities.’

Such scenes were routine when the Jungle was full of mainly young men from countries such as Afghanistan and Eritrea trying to get to Britain.


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