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MEN AND LOGIC – Let’s get this done.


Men, you have taken a beating in the past 50 years, especially the past 30. You have been attacked, emasculated, feminized, mocked in your manhood, ridiculed in your masculinity, demonized in your paternity, and browbeaten in your virility. This has had a disastrous effect on the transmission of the Catholic faith.

And that shouldn’t be surprising, because that was the goal all along: the reduction of muscular Christianity into a whimpering religion, apologizing for its worldview and its divine mandate. This feminization of the culture and the Faith has at the same time been both responsible for and a symptom of the homosexualization of the priesthood, the failure to cease preaching boldly, and a backing away from proclamation of the authentic gospel, especially when it comes to the hard teachings.

This massive diminution of the Faith by leaders who have accepted the prevailing image of manhood as weak and accomodating has opened up the door for all manner of evil to enter in: atheism, universalism, religious indifference and a corrupted logic that refuses to admit basic fundamental truths. Until a proper understanding of the masculine and manhood is embraced and restored, these woes will continue.