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Don’t Shoot Yourself with a Spear? [VIDEO]


So is he the unluckiest, or the luckiest, man alive? Read and watch and decide for yourself!

This unidentified man was spearfishing in the Bahamas. There’s no report on how what appears to be an accident happened, will leave that to your imagination. What we won’t leave to your imagination is what it looks like to have a spear through your head.

Needless to say this picture has gone viral. My favorite comment was this one. “Oh my goodness, that’s not how you want to get both ears pierced.”

Apparently the spear pierced the man at the top of his cheekbone and passed underneath his brain. No brain jokes please. According to one account is, had the spear been an inch higher it would’ve been a mortician removing the spear not a surgeon.

As the picture below indicates he survived the surgery and is posing with what appears to be a couple of ladies. One account indicates that he’s flashing the peace sign; I’m thinking it’s more likely the number two, indicating that he’s got two lovely women visiting him in the hospital.

I can’t imagine going through that just for a threesome. On the other hand, he may not have been thinking clearly.


Even more unbelievable than this man surviving a spear shot to the head is the fact that he’s not the first one to survive something like this.

I especially enjoyed the doctor’s comment on this video where he said, “The object, it seems, took a path where it didn’t damage any vital structures…”

There were no vital structures between his eyes in the back of his forehead?

I wonder if these guys were twins separated at birth?

Maybe the two of them can get together and share stories.

I wonder who visited the subject of our video today during his hospital stay?