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Is this the sickest video of the year?


A deeply sick video has surfaced on Twitter of a young man, recording himself while driving, next to an elderly woman he claims is 100 years old, taken out of her nursing home and made to do sexual acts on him.

There are no news or police reports at present time so there is little detail other than what the pervert perp gives us on camera. Te woman may well have dementia.

At the very start of the sick video, the man is heard saying ‘I can get in trouble for this,” so he seems aware he is breaking the law.

He then goes on to describe awful, lewd sexual acts she allegedly performs on the man. She is also recorded caressing the black man while his friends in the back seat laugh.

Even if this is some kind of sick joke set-up, this creep needs pulling in by the cops. And if this is genuine, he needs locking away. For a long, long time.