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BREAKING: IRA killer resigns as Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister as power-sharing deal collapses [video]


Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has resigned. The resignation of the notorious IRA leader – who ordered the murders of dozens of soldiers, Protestants and Catholics during the Marxist IRA’s ‘Long War’ in Northern Ireland – is in protest at the corruption and incompetence of his power-sharing partner, the DUP.

The Democratic Unionist Party has been mired in scandal over its handling of an alternative energy scheme. which cost the taxpayer more than £400 million. Known locally as the ‘cash for ash’ scandal, the scheme, which was set up in 2012 to encourage Northern Irish businesses to use renewable energy sources, has led to businesses being paid vast sums of money to produce heat they don’t even need or use.

Quite simply, when they get more in money for keeping the heating on than the fuel costs, companies have their boilers going flat out 24/7, with their windows open or staff sitting in their underwear because of the heat!

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Under power-sharing procedures imposed by the UK government, which put IRA killers into government, First Minister Arlene Foster can no long continue in her role without McGuinness (both pictured above).

The move therefore means power-sharing has effectively collapsed and will trigger an election for the Northern Ireland Assembly.

Ms Foster’s DUP colleague Jonathan Bell broke party ranks to speak out against her, telling local media that she told officials to alter documents related to the scheme to minimise her appearance of responsibility. She strongly denies the allegations and says she has been unfairly represented in the media. She has refused to resign.

McGuinness’ show of moral outrage over the heating scandal fools no-one, however. Why should anyone take seriously the claim of the IRA commander that he has found that his conscience forces him to act over a heating scandal, when he has lived happily with his leading role in the deaths of almost 4000 innocent people?