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Racist attacks – pattern emerges despite MSM cover-ups (video)


Attacked from behind and left for dead! Michael Schroeder was found laying in the winter cold, dragged between two cars, face-down, head bashed-in in the Glover Park neighborhood. Thankfully a dad and son driving by in a taxi saw Schroeder and called the authorities. “It’s an angel whoever found him and I’m very, very grateful,” said the victim’s mother, Diedre Schroeder. She cried recounting the phone call.

Her son was missing all day until his twin brother found the 35-year-old at George Washington Hospital. Michael Schroeder suffered a fractured skull, a severe concussion, there were head staples, convulsions, fevers and he could hardly speak, according to his family. “Michael could’ve died that night.

Schroeder, an Operation Iraqi Freedom Marine, was out drinking with friends that night and separated to go home. In nearby surveillance cameras, you see Schroeder near Wisconsin Avenue NW before 2 a.m. He cuts through a parking lot to 37th Street NW, but after he turns the next thing he remembers is ambulance lights.

The Suspects were, of course, the Usual ones. No wonder that, especially in the wake of the Chicago racist torture horror, more and more people are realizing that racism cuts both ways – but that the Lying Press are still trying to present it as a one-way street.