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Will Trump Take Over Chicago to Stop the Carnage? [VIDEO]


Chicago has a problem. Okay, they’ve got a lot of problems. The main thing driving their problems is the fact that Chicago has been under Democrats’ control for most of the last century.

The problem that’s at the top of the news right now is the fact that there were 4,331 shooting victims in Chicago last year and 762 of those didn’t survive. Mayor Rahm Emanuel likes to point the finger at “guns” but his city already has the most draconian gun laws in the United States.

Since all the political establishment in Chicago wants to do is claim violence on guns and on their Police Department the situation isn’t likely to get any better in 2017. Rahm Emanuel and the Democrats that run Chicago not only don’t have a solution, they aren’t even addressing the issue. Donald Trump just may be willing to.


Given that the city of Chicago is lining itself up for a brutal battle with a Trump administration over illegal aliens, I have a hard time seeing Mayor Emanuel asking the federal government for anything.

That was Emanuel’s comments after a meeting on December 7 with President-elect Trump. I’m pretty sure that Donald Trump had a different take on the outcome of that meeting. At least I certainly hope so.

If Chicago doesn’t ask for help, will the Trump administration impose it? I certainly hope not. For one thing, imposing help on Chicago to solve their murder problem likely violates the 10th Amendment. In addition, at least if I was mayor of Chicago, I would make the case that if the federal government is going to police my city, they can also help me make up the difference in my teacher’s union pension funds. Helping Chicago solve their crime problem should not open the door to bailing out Chicago’s unions.

The hard truth is this, the vast majority of shootings in Chicago occur in five of the city’s 22 police districts. Those districts are in the city’s south and west sides and are predominantly black.

As much as Chicago politicians and police commissioners would like to blame their problems on “guns,” the problem is Black males and #BlackLivesMatter.

#BlackLivesMatter have made a number of demands on Chicago’s police force to stop police from shooting black males. Of the 762 homicides in Chicago last year, police killed 11 people. All but one of those was a justified shooting and an officer has been charged in that one.

As a result of #BlackLivesMatter demands police have significantly reduced their interactions with the community. They don’t want to be the star of the next viral YouTube video coming out of Chicago. Chicago police also require officers to fill out Lexi contact cards when they stop and talk to someone. More paperwork has resulted in fewer stops.

“It’s almost like a pullback so [the gangs]can kill each other sort of thing.” That was the Reverend Marshall Hatch, a minister whose flock lives in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods on Chicago’s West Side.

That is exactly what’s happening. And 2017, absent a dose of reality for the Democrats who run Chicago, will probably be significantly bloodier than 2016.

You get the government you deserve.